zondag 13 maart 2011

See you soon!

I won't be around much in blogland this coming week. I'm going to hug my family in Holland. When you live far away from them, that's really what you need, every now and again. My sweet Granny is turning 91 this coming week, and as long as I'm blessed still having her around, I want to visit her on her birthday. She really is the best and sweetest granny in the world. I made her a tissue box cover in Granny style:
I also made some gifts for other loved ones and of course I'm taking some fresh picked oranges from our trees, they are so sweet at the moment, mmmmm!

Hasta luego!

dinsdag 8 maart 2011


Lately I've been sooo inspired by the way some people photograph their projects! I've been wanting to change my way in that for a long time. So yesterday, when the sun came out, I took all sorts of things outside. Here's what I came up with:
Unfortunately by the time I had everything where I wanted it so be, the sun hid behind thick clouds...
But it came back again when I had made a compilation of some of my more romantic projects:
Hasta luego!

maandag 7 maart 2011

What's on my hook?

Yesterday I told you I was making a Japanese flowerscarf...and with every flower I love it more...
It is going to be a decorative scarf (not one that is supposed to keep me warm that is), so I think just some 6 flowers to go and it will be finished! The greatest thing about making this scarf, I think, is that you attach the flowers as you go, so when the last flower will be crocheted to the second last....it's done, no loose treads to tuck away, just drape it around my neck...

This afternoon I also made cupcakes with my youngest daughter:
We only made the yummy eatible ones now, the crocheted ones I made a while ago, we've just put them in to fill up the holes. Some of the cupcakes just never made it from the oven to the stand....

Hasta luego!

zondag 6 maart 2011

Flower brooch

I bought myself a new jeansjacket and wanted to 'sweeten' it a bit. So I came up with this flower brooch in the sweetest colours I could find in my cotton stash (which is huge also....):
And when I finished it and was totally in love with the colourcombination, I decided to make a matching japanese flower scarf.....halfway now, so you have to wait a bit more for the result...it's turning out soooo cute, love it already!

Hasta luego!

vrijdag 4 maart 2011

Grafic 45 folder

A very common habit among scrappers is...they're collectors! So when I was going through my stash for this project I came across this fabulous Grafic 45 paper that I'd been saving for 'something special' because I found it so awsome....silly me, it has been in a box for years now! So I decided that this was the time to do something with it, it became the cover of a 7 gypsies folder (which was nothing more really than 2 pieces of greyboard, a ribbon and a piece of black gaffer tape....so I added a bit myself):
Although I don't scrap very often anymore, I found out that I still love doing it, so I will try to pick it up more often....my stash is big enough......

Hasta luego!

donderdag 3 maart 2011

Give away over at 2 Scrapping Ladies From the North

Would you like a chance to win this great Tilda give away?
Hop over to the 2scrappingladiesfromthenorth blog, leave a comment and post their candy on your blog....isn't it gorgeous?!

Will be back soon with a scrapping project, but it's way too late now to make decent pictures.

Hasta luego!